The Most Common Mistake Made When Disinfecting

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Cleaning can be amusing for some but can also be hated by others. But, unquestionably, cleaning is a must for many reasons, starting with maintaining proper hygiene, especially since the pandemic; many of us have been mindful about making sure we are disinfecting surfaces and being more hygienic. From adverts on the TV or watching cleaners clean down surfaces, many of us feel that once we spray a cover, we are instantly killing any germs living there. But there is much more of the science that we might not know. We think the standard way to clean things might be causing long-term damage, leading to the decline of our home decor and more.

Questions like, can you use soap on all surfaces? How many solutions should I use? Is it right to scrub off stains immediately? You might think you have the correct answer but think again. If you’re not sure, you have to read on or hire Duncan Commercial Cleaning Services, Inc to do the work for you.

But before that, to make your work easier, here is one of the most common mistakes made when creating a disinfection plan and how you can avoid them.

Wiping disinfectants right away
Many people and cleaners will spray disinfectant on furniture, wiping it away immediately. In actuality, the solution must be untouched for at least 10 seconds before being removed. Applying a disinfectant and instantly wiping it off is likely getting you nowhere. You might eliminate some surface bacteria, but anything more profound will remain. The best thing is to go through the product label and see how long you must wait. Most chemical disinfectants will likely take about 10 minutes to activate.

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